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Mindset: Intent-driven Search

| August 29th, 2005

Yahoo! Research is currently working on a search tool named Yahoo! Mindset which sorts out the search results based on the “intent” rather than just the query revelance. It is utilizes machine learning technology and text classification techniques to clasify results as meant for Shopping or Research. A slider enables us to determine the weightage given to either of the classes (shopping and research) which in turn sorts the results accordingly. More information can be found at Yahoo! Mindset FAQ.

Google Talk Beta Released

| August 24th, 2005

Google finally unvieled the much awaited Google IM “Google Talk“. It is a light weight Jabber based IM which provides features for text messaging and VOIP. As of now you need to log in with your Gmail id and can add only Gmail users to your friends list. You can send Gmail invitations to non Gmail users if you want to invite them over to Google Talk. So MSN and Yahoo beware coz heres another reason to fear the Google.

Hail the Google Talk

| August 23rd, 2005

There have been reports by New York Times indicating the probable release of Google Talk (voice and text messaging app) within a week. Is this the Meetro deal? Heres the Times Online report: link.

Mind Games

| August 20th, 2005

Surfing the net aimlessly? Need to pass your time productively instead of reading silly blogs like this (-;…heres a way to excercise your mind and have fun at the same time. has come to your rescue. This flash based game consists of a number of vertices connected by edges. The aim is to rearrange the vertices such that none of the edges overlap. Sounds quite kiddish eh! Try it out for yourself – lets see if you can get past the sixth level without scratching your head (-:.