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Google`s Master Plan

| August 18th, 2005

With Google invading the world here is what their master plan looks like:

Googles Master Plan
Just for fun (-:

Gmail Storage Growth Rate

| August 17th, 2005

Ever wondered the rate at which the Gmail storage space is increasing. It went well past the 2501.185114 MB mark this morning. Now heres the maths:

  • <1 MB increase every 7.44 hours.
  • That is 134.4 KB every hour.
  • That is 2.24 KB every minute.
  • And 37.33 bytes every second.

Whoa!! Although these figures may indicate a slow rate of increase but gradually we are heading towards Google’s goal of unlimited storage space.

No need to Click

| August 17th, 2005

Now heres a revolutionary experiment that will eliminate the very essence of the “Click”. The Institute of Interactive Research has come with these innovative ways to replace the old fashioned click. Have a look and decide for yourself –

Next best thing: Blank Keyboard

| August 16th, 2005

Now ain’t this cool “A Blank Keyboard” – a keyboard with no alphabets inscribed on the keys. Truly a must have for an uber geek. Check it out yourself here.