Index Count Of Google Search

| September 12th, 2005

Ever wondered how many pages does Google have indexed for search. Many of us would think that typing “*” (regular expression denoting zero or more words) would do the trick but thats not the case.

Rather to get the index count we need to first search for a term for which there are no search hits like I tried dfferwerw. Then search for all pages not containing that term like in my case -dfferwerw. This will “sort of” give you an estimate of number of pages indexed by Google. I’ll be discussing the reason behind “sort of” in my next post. The result obtained though doesnt match with the one at the Google Search home (has not been updated it seems).

  • Amit Agarwal

    Anand – You just left a comment on my site. I agree that the common words approach may not work for pages that are in Chinese or other languages.

    I tried the one listed above but it’s returning 0 results for me .. Am I missing something ?

  • Anand Kishore

    Hi Amit,
    if you search for ‘dfferwerw’ you will probably get two results (links to this post). I just tried it out ‘-dfferwerw’ and this is what I got as a result:

    Google seems to be working erractically. I did get zero results once but then after sometime I got the results as above. I suppose it might be dependent on the Google data center thats serving our requests.

  • Amit Agarwal

    So that’s 17 billion pages while a search for common words return 25 billion results. Needs more research :)

  • Anand Kishore

    I had written this post way back in september last year so there are chances of this particular term being in Googles index as of now. But the idea put forth is that the index count can be retireved by searching for ‘-’.