Brain Boost Your Search

| September 28th, 2005

AskJeeves was the first search engine to support natural language queries. Their natural language processing is based on a predefined set of question templates as per which the results are obtained.

But BrainBoost goes one step ahead. It analyzes the queries at runtime converting them into a number of other question based queries in order to find the most revelant match. After having obtained the matching documents it parses the document content inorder to extract the answer to the actual query question.

In this respect it can be termed as an answer engine rather than a search engine. It states that the search results are sorted by their proprietry AnswerRank™ algorithm.

The difference between BrainBoost and any other search engine like Google is as follows:

GoogleUser types in : “Why is mars red”

  • Google Search engine retrieves all pages containing words “mars” and red”.
  • Search results are sorted by the number of links each one of them got from other pages. This is a good way to figure out which one of them is most trusted by others.
  • Results are displayed with the snippet being the appearance of the question on the pages.
  • Typically, a user would then click on the first search result, read through the document and hope to find an answer.If an answer is not found within the first search result, the user needs to repeat this process with the next search result, sometimes having to read many web pages to finally get at the answer.

BrainboostUser types in : “Why is mars red”

  • Brainboost translates the query into multiple queries that will raise the probability of finding the ANSWER to the question.
  • Brainboost retrieves search engine results.
  • Brainboost retrieves top several hundred pages and reads them. Brainboost finds answers and ranks them based on it’s proprietary AnswerRank™ technology.
  • AnswerRank™ knows to look at a set of many possible answers and rank them as to which one is probably the most correct. In this case: “Mars is red because of the iron in the soil” Brainboost displays the ANSWERS to the user


BrainBoost thus extracts the piece of information being searched rather than relaying this work to the end user to search the matching documents for the information.