Tragedy struck when I couldn’t listen to some of my favourite songs on linux just because they were encoded in WMA. I tried finding a convertor for linux but all efforts went in vain.

After much googling I came upon Mplayer a media player for linux which has support for a wide variety of meda formats including WMA. Its one of the coolest media tools i’ve come across. Although it has a GUI as well I opted for the command line version.

Installation Steps: [Compiling from source]

1. Get the codecs package for all codecs – here
2. bzip2 -d allcodecs.tar.gz2
3. tar -xvf allcodecs.tar
4. Copy all the codecs in the ‘allcodecs’ directory to /usr/local/lib/codecs. Some versions look for codecs in /usr/lib/codecs. Older versions needed the Win32 codecs to be in /usr/lib/win32 or /usr/local/lib/win32. [Although /usr/local/lib/codecs should work fine you may try out the rest in case of error]
5. Get hold of the latest Mplayer source package – here.
6. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for this package as well.
7. cd into the mplayer_pkg/ directory created after untarring.
8. ./configure
9. make
10. make install

You’re all done installing Mplayer. Run $ mplayer filename. Enjoy your music fellas.