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Google Search Limit

| October 10th, 2005

One thing I discovered recently (coz Google always seems to satisfy my search query in about the first 10 pages) was that Google doesnt let you browse search hits beyond the first 1000 hits ie about 100 search result pages. Google probably thinks that if aint in the first 1000 it aint worth searching for eh!

Google Search


I have written an extension myself which is not dependent on any libraries. Its called Thunderbolt and you can get hold of it here. Here is the screenshot:

Thunderbolt : Preview


One thing I’ve missed in Linux was the new mail notification of Thunderbird that used to pop up every now and then in Windows. I had to manually check for new mail every now and then which was quite frustrating )-:.

But thats history as this wonderful extension comes to the rescue. Get hold of it here.