Yahoo! Mail Spam Guard Sucks

| November 11th, 2005

I’ve been wanting to post about this since a long time. Gmail has raised the bar high and on the other hand Yahoo! Mail’s services seem to be deteriorating day by day. SpamGuard doesn’t seem to be functioning as required. In my case all mails from Yahoo! Services seem to be filtered into the Bulk folder whereas all the other so to be “spam” mails are just delivered right into my inbox.

I receive spam mail at the approximate rate of two mails every five minutes. This has made life difficult for me……all the more reason (rather an excuse (-; ) to use Gmail.

Screenshot of Inbox

My Inbox

Screenshot of Bulk

My Bulk

  • Steve

    (PATNOX.COM) has an article; “I never noticed before, but if you play the ‘boing’ sound effect over and over, it starts to lose all meaning,”…now Yahoo! has same effect.

  • ET

    Yahoo spamguard totally sucks!!
    I prefer gmail…