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Download Google Videos

| November 8th, 2005

Vidoes (only content from Germany) posted on Google Videos can now be downloaded thanks to a program from Martijn de Visser. The vidoes are actually FLV files (flash videos). These files can be downloaded from the Google Video Download site.


Robin Burgener, the inventor of 20q started working on 20Q in 1988, with the game running on a 5/14 inch floppy disk. Now 20q is online and over 10,000 games are played each day – increasing the sophistication of the 20q network on a daily basis.The artificial intelligence behind the game is a neural-network, similar to a human brain.

A brain, or neural-network, is built from neurons connected by synaptic connections. A human brain has about one hundred trillion synaptic connections. The currently has about ten million. The game uses the neural-network to choose the next question as well as deciding what to guess.

Try it out yourself and you’ll be amazed. Play it here.