I had mailed Google about a month back regarding the new service idea I had come up with only to find yesterday that someone else too had thought of it (G2G) )-: . This is what my idea was:-


I came up with an idea for a new Google service and thought it would be nice to share it with you. Gmail already offers infinite storage space. This has led to people not deleting their mails but rather storing them. Now many mails do have attachments in thm which may be pictures, videos, documents, audio files etc. Its like every user has their own private online hard drive.

Now what I propse is that these attachments (not the content of mails) should be allowed to be searchable/browseable if the owner of the mail wants them to (by setting attachment permissions for that mail to public). In such a case with more and more people sharing attachments we can have a sort of online peer-to-peer file sharing system. People would then be able to search for attachments made public. This could later be evolved by enabling folksonomies (tagging).

Anand Kishore.

Lesson Learnt: “Implement your ideas (even if a prototype implementation) before someone else does it.”