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Google Hack: Blogger Categories

| February 4th, 2006

I’ve been using Blogger since a long time due to its association with Google. I’ve also tried out other blogging platforms like WordPress etc. But the most important feature I missed in Blogger was the categories. I have a whole bunch of posts each belonging to different topics It was all too messy and cumbersome to get them organized without categorization.

If theres a problem there has to be a solution to it. There are many solutions to this category problem but I’ll be explaining only one of the cleanest approaches.

First of all you need a main blog where you need categories to be implemented. Secondly you’ll need a mail account with good filtering features like in Gmail. Thirdly you’ll need to create a blog for every category that you want. You’ll need to the follwing set up as explained:
For example consider a main blog named ‘Da Tek ee‘. Set the ‘Mail-to-Blogger Address‘ to whatever you want like For every category blog like ‘Da Tek ee > Google‘ set the ‘BlogSend Address’ to the mail address you’re using for filtering purposes. In the mail account set up a filter to forward mails containing the subject “Da Tek ee > Google” to the main blogs ‘Mail-to-Blogger Address‘. You just finished setting up your first category. This can be done for as many categories you want.

Blogger Categories

So now whenever any post is published in the category blog it is forwarded to the email address provided. Due to the filter created in the mail account the post is in turn forwarded to the main blog where it is published. Each post has link to the blog where it was originally posted (link to the category blog in our case) e.g. ‘Posted by Anand to Da Tek ee > Google‘.

Happy blogging until Blogger eventually comes up with the category feature (-;.