With all the speculation about Google hosting Wikipedia pages and Google Reference, the question everyone seems to be asking is ”Why Does Google Love Wikipedia?“. The Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It is maintained by the people, it is for the people to use and is of the people i.e. has no central authority governing it. Its an collaborative effort where everyone contributes.

Currently Google bots crawl the abyss of the internet, parsing and indexing information from pages. All of these pages might not be useful or its content accurate or reliable from the user perspective. On the other hand the Wikipedia is moderated and maintained by the people themselves ensuring accuracy. Although the facts on Wikipedia cannot be guaranteed to be accurate but public moderation ensures that false data will be removed eventually.

Hence Google’s interest in Wikipedia is evident from the fact that the people would themselves act as data sources. It is like every individual is a Google bot, feeding data right into the Google Indexer. Google would also gain from the fact that this data would be accurate which is not the case for the web crawler.

This is how I perceive Googles interest in Wikipedia. What are your views?