Something which was bound to happen. After all even Google has to rely on human intelligence to do some of its work. Google Coop helps people contribute their expertise (in other terms bookmark links) by adding labels (categories) and annotating (description) them. But it goes way beyond the mode by using this information in improvising search.

In all the forums I visited I came across this one point again and again: “Google Coop is susceptible to spammers“. I don’t agree. Like any other social app which is fuelled by the people, at the first glance it does seem susceptible. But it is the social factor that seems to ward of spammers. Quoting a FAQ from Google Coop:

Who will see my labels?

Users who subscribe to you will see your labels for relevant searches. As your labels become higher quality and more comprehensive, and as more users subscribe to you, your labels may start surfacing to more Google users than just those who explicitly subscribed. A number of factors help determine how broadly your labels appear — such as the number of subscribers you have, how many websites you’ve labeled, and, most importantly, how often your labels make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

Google seems to have realised that it can achieve a lot more by utilizing the human intelligence, Intelligence which is the core of the Web 2.0. After all the ubiquitous search is also based on human knowledge (creation of links between pages).