What happens when you cross Tagging with Machine Learning? Well you get a tool that learns as you tag. Sounds interesting? Then read on.

Learns? But what.

Thats what I asked myself yesterday. What I visualised was a tool that learns how to tag and what to tag from you. It would learn from past experiences, what you would like to tag and also what keywords (tags) you would likely use for them. And finally one day, when it has a large enough knowledge base, it could probably automate the entire task for you.


Imagine having a your own personal crawler, spidering the web in search of pages that might interest you and even saving the most likely ones. Imagine coming to office and seeing your toRead list already populated by the bot.

Sounds too optimistic? Well I’ll give it a try. Until then you’ll have to do what humans do best – tagging – on your own.

  • http://null.in Pratik Naik

    Hey Anand,

    I’m currently looking into and developing algorithms for auto tagging. Would be great to discuss this the next time we meet.


  • http://barcamplive.blogspot.com Atul Kulkarni


    I am keen on NLP part of it. Will be interesting thing to talk about at BarCamp. I plan to take up Bayesian Text Classification and Order Sort Algorithm. Lets discuss Tagging topic next time we meet.


  • http://blog.simpy.com/ Otis Gospodnetic

    Sounds interesting. Since I have interest in both tagging and NLP/IR fields, and run Simpy, let me know if you want to build this tool on top of Simpy(‘s data) or some such.

  • http://blog.nur-eine-i.de Benjamin Reitzammer

    I’m thinking along similar lines for some time now. I’m thinking, that a local HTTP proxy that indexes all the pages you visit, and based on that data recommends to you similar pages while you are surfing. So it’s kind of like your idea, but more backwards in time instead of forward ;)
    Looking forward to your future observations around this topic