Having tried out other mail notification extensions (which had dependencies with other libraries and often didn’t work for me) I decided to write one myself. This extension is not dependent on any other libraries. All you need is the good ol’ Thunderbird (-; (you ought to have that for sure). So all you Linux fanatics who have missed the notification thingy in Thunderbird on Linux here is a preview for ye all:

Thunderbolt : New Mail Notification

Go ahead and download it: here

[UPDATE] This extension works if you have only one account in thunderbird. I’m yet to working on supporting multiple accounts.

  • http://nodivisions.com/ Anthony DiSante

    I’d love to see a version of this that works with multiple accounts in Thunderbird, where it would let you choose to enable alerts on a per-account basis. Are you still planning on adding this feature? If not, is there any chance you could give me some hints as to how to implement this feature? I do web development including Perl and JS so I can probably work my way through it with some guidance. Thanks!