Damn The Copy Control

| June 22nd, 2006

Being an Iron Maiden fan I bought their ‘Dance of Death’ album only to realize that it won’t play on Linux. Flipping the cd over I saw this:

Computer disk drives are more intelligent than the normal audio disk drives and can detect irregularities in the data thus making the disk unreadable. Copy Control aims to exploit this by putting errorenous tracks onto the disk and hence curb piracy.

As you can see Linux is not listed in the compatible systems. Does that mean I’ll have to look out for cds compatible with my OS before I buy them? Or else will I have to succumb to Windows?

Not this time. Paranoia comes to the rescue. Even though after mounting the cd you’ll have trouble finding the audio files on it (this is due to the multisession layer – another approach to curb piracy by hiding the audio files), Paranoia will crack the Copy Control.

[anand@semanticvoid /]$ cdparanoia -B

Thats all needed to break the damn Copy Control.