MPlayer allows you to apply the equalizer filter which represents a 10 octave band graphic equalizer. The filter has 10 parameters:


which are floating point numbers between -12 and +12 representing the gain in dB for the respective frequency band.

Equalizer settings for Rock would be applied as follows:

$> mplayer -af equalizer=-1:1:2:3:-1:-1:0:0:4:4 song.mp3


Since MPlayer seems to be panacea for handling the numerous media formats, enabling MPlayer to work with the browser to handle embedded media seems to be the next step. To enable MPlayer play digital media from websites all you need is the mplayerplug-in.

Happy Streamin…

  • kap

    how to save equalizer settings in mplayer………every time i restart mplayer equalizer settings are reset to default………….help me ……..plzzzzzzz

  • xslr


    you might want to add a line similar to


    to your ~/.mplayer/config file to make the equalizer settings permanent