What If Terrorists Bombed Google

| October 18th, 2006

Update: Recently there seemed to be a bomb scare at Google HQ [via].

What if terrorists decided to terrorize the Internet? Although they have been spreading messages of hate, what if they decided to bring it down? Bring such a large cluster of machines down! Thats like waging a war against the world. But what if they decided to bring down services that seem to have become an important part of our internet life.

What If Terrorists Decide To Bring Down Google

To most of us, ‘the internet is Google‘ and even the thought of Google not being anymore gives us the chills. Bombarding the datacenters would definitely cause a considerable loss to Google. In the map below, I have tried to mark out a few of the Google datacenters.

With Google venturing into things like solar energy it should also probably think of getting itself an anti-missile shield or build its datacenters in underground bunkers :).

After all the search history I have built up over time is priceless ;)

  • Al

    You put a Google data center on the coast of Hudson bay?

    Are you high?

    There’s nothing there except thousands of lakes and billions of mosquitoes.

  • Anand Kishore

    I just had a list of ip’s for the datacenters. I used some random service on the web to get the precise coordinates for the ip’s. Maybe the ip -> lat long mapping is to blame.