Edward De Bono, author of the book titled ‘Six Thinking Hats‘, theorized the Six Hat Thinking methodology. As stated in his book:

It is not possible to be presensitized in different directions at the same time just as it would not be possible to design a golf club that was the best club for driving and at the same time the best club for putting. That is why the Six Hats method is essential. It allows the brain to maximize its sensitivity in different directions at different times….The essence of parallel thinking is that at any moment everyone is looking in the same direction — but the direction can be changed. An explorer might be asked to look north or to look east. Those are standard direction labels. So we need some direction labels for thinking. What are the different directions in which thinkers can be invited to look?

This is were the hats come in. Each hat symbolizes a thinking direction. De Bono’s six hats are:

  • White Hat: is neutral and objective, concerned with objective facts and figures.
  • Red Hat: relates to intuition, emotions & opinion.
  • Black Hat: is gloomy, and covers the negative – why things can’t be done.
  • Yellow Hat: symbolizes brightness and optimism, indicating hope and positive thinking.
  • Green Hat: focuses on creativity: the possibilities, alternatives and new ideas.
  • Blue Hat: is concerned with the control and organization of the thinking process.

Thats all about the Six Hats. But where does Google fit in?

Lets take a look at the Google logo:

If we apply the Six Hat approach to interpret the logo, we get:

  • 2 blues: signifying the unified and organized thinking process at Google.
  • 2 reds: signifies that they value intuition, emotions, opinions of the users. Outputting innovative products by not just their brains but their hearts as well. This is evident from the simplistic and intuitive UI designs of Google Search and Gmail.
  • 1 yellow: symbolizes their optimistic outlook, hoping that every new product would bring them one step closer to their ultimate aim and that is to organize the worlds information.
  • 1 green: new ideas, alternatives, innovation…Well, thats Google :)


The above interpretation of the logo actually seems to be in sync with the current image of Google and the prevalent mindset of the average googler. Did I just unearth Google’s success formula?

Hope so :)