LifeLogger: Now At Koders

| July 13th, 2007

I received an email from Koders, a few hours back, saying that LifeLogger had finally been approved and added to their index. This is a great step for LifeLogger as it joins other numerous open source projects on Koders. This way the project would gain more visibility and contribute to code reusability as well.

I still need to make a dozen check-ins from the code changes/feature implementations I made for the BarCamp last week. So you’ll still find old code at Koders and the svn. I’ll try to clear up the pending check-ins by next week.

I found some cool stats on the Koders page:

Development Cost:
Lines of code: 1,543
Person months (PM): 1.54
Functions required: 100%
Effort per KLOC: 1.00 PM
Labor Cost/Month: $5000

>> Click here to head over LifeLogger at Koders < <

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