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The Educated Fool

| December 8th, 2007

A long hiatus, but I’m back to blogging. I’ve had enough of people telling me – you can’t do it, its impossible, it just can’t be done. I’m tired of people who don’t dare to think beyond what they have been taught, people who fail to challenge the established norms/rules. What would have happened to all the discoveries and inventions if people had not challenged their imaginations.

The human race can be categorized into three categories – ones who are ignorant and lack the basic education, then those who are experts in their respective fields and whose imaginations are restricted by their education, and finally those who are educated fools. By Educated Fools, I mean people who have the necessary education but whose thinking is not boxed/clouded by their education. Education always teaches you the possibilities as well as the limits of the respective subject. If we had succumbed to the limits and failed to think beyond, Science would have never made any progress.

In my opinion, we need the necessary education to explore the possibilities. But we also need to think like fools ignoring the boundaries imposed by our education. So the next time someone turns down your idea or research proposal stating that its not possible, point them to this post so that they can awaken the Educated Fool within.