What’s up with July?

| July 14th, 2008

In my search for interesting datasets/visualizations I came across this graph depicting the average daily vehicle-distance traveled across urban highways in the United States. This graph lays out the trends for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

There is an interesting pattern that is consistent for 2006 and 2007, with 2008 probably following suit. I’ve been trying hard to make sense out of this graph and here is are my interpretations at the first glance:

  • The dip around January and around December is probably due to christmas and new years – people staying at home celebrating the events with close family and friends. The cold season may also be a contributing factor.
  • The steep increase from February to June is probably due to the onset of summer – summer holidays.

What somehow doesn’t make sense to me is the sudden dip in July. Is there any explanation for that? People opting to participate in the 4th of July celebrations at home? Hmm plausible? If you are based in the US, I would love to read your interpretation of the graph.

  • G

    is it possible that maybe….everyone left on summer holidays, arrived at there destination, settled inn, turned off the car, got really drunk..( 4th of july until time to go home ). and then journeyed back home in time for school, work ( Teacher ) hmm thus the slowdown in Sept travel Kids are back in school, Unemployment for those summer vacationers has run out no more travel free bucks, back to work. It almost looks like a ” licking your wounds” pattern of life in travel.