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Although I started this project as an experimental weekend thingy (to play around with Google App Engine), the project has shaped up well. Before you surf over to another blog, wondering what the hell I’m talking about, let me introduce you to “Personalized ARTICLE” aggregator (read as PARTICLE). The aim is to personalize a users online reading (just like what Findory did). Findory was an excellent service and I’ll be glad if I can achieve even an iota of what Greg created. This project is at very rudimetary and experimental stage. Rather than tapping into the users reading history on the site (monitored by the links clicked), the idea is to study how a users *interests*, scattered around at various “databases of interest” like, could be used to personalize online reading (news articles, blogs and more). This way the user could merrily browse the world wide web, bookmarking pages, doing his usual stuff and let PARTICLE worry about making this data useful.

Click here to try PARTICLE

Presently you need to provide PARTICLE with your username, which it uses to analyze your *interests* and present you with recent news stories you may like. It works well if you have a decent number of bookmarks in As I mentioned, the project is at a very rudimentary stage, so don’t feel disappointed by the results (ah! the unlucky few). I encourage you to play around with the app and recommend it to others to try. I’ll be making many changes/additions in the coming weeks.

Test drive PARTICLE at Kindly leave your feedback/comments/suggestions in the comments or send me an email at ‘anand at’.

[UPDATE] Yahoo! Research has a similar project called Garçon.

I wanted to compare the growth of mobile across United States and India. I have witnessed the mobile revolution in India and have often heard that Asia is an emerging market for mobile but never came across any statistics showcasing the same.

United Nations provides some great datasets to play around with. I used the cellular mobile telephone subscribers dataset to create the following graph. The visualization below compares the cellular subscribers over the period 1980-2004 for US and India. As per these statistics US is way ahead in numbers but slower in growth. The orange vertical bars show the point in the timeline where US and India have comparable subscribers (~45 million). It took nearly 15 years for the US market to achieve this number whereas India achieved this in 10 years time.

Since 2004, mobile phones and service plans in India have become even more accessible and affordable. It would be even more interesting to compare the current numbers.

Beyond YSlow

| July 8th, 2008

Nicole and Stoyan, part of the Exceptional Performance team at Yahoo!, recently gave a talk on some of the new performance rules related to javascript, css, mobile and more. The focus of the talk was on how one can improve performance further even after getting an ‘A’ grade on yslow. Enjoy the talk.

Performance Juice

| July 2nd, 2008

In the company of *exceptional* people at the Exceptional Performance Group, I too have caught on the performance bug. I asked myself today – “Wouldn’t it be great to have all the performance blogs consolidated at one place”. There are a number of performance experts (both frontend and backend) outside of Yahoo!. I do have a couple of such blogs on my feedreader and I’m sure you to have some to share.

I’m trying to consolidate all such performance centric blogs at Performance Juice. While I’m busy scouring the web for some great blogs I may have missed, I would love to include any links you might have into Performance Juice. You can contribute by listing blogs into the spreadsheet below. You can edit the spreadsheet here. Lets make Performance Juice a community driven vertical search for anything performance.

Be sure to quench your performance thirst at Performance Juice or just subscribe to this feed and stay up to date on the performance karma.

There are many performance related posts we come across everyday which are not necessarily from performance centric blogs. If you come across any such great posts, just tag them as “performancejuice” on and I’ll make sure they are included.

Any volunteers to manage the search engine? Head here.

[UPDATE] The custom search is now also powered by performance bookmarks on

You can edit the spreadsheet here.