Reading Less Is Reading More

| October 7th, 2009

If information is what drives you to the internet, like me, you might be spending roughly 60-70% of your time online reading blogs, news and feeds (not to forget twitter). For me at least, reading online has superseded email (and updating social networks) as the most time consuming activity. And yet everyone is busy generating more content rather than finding a solution to consume all this information. We are trying to tackle this problem precisely with Dygest. At its core Dygest is a summarization engine that tries to sift through all the noise and present only the *real* content/news contained in any (news) article/text. Recently, we released an experimental version of a feed summarizer that uses the Dygest engine to summarize blogposts/news for any RSS/ATOM feed. This summarized feed can be subscribed in any feed reader like Bloglines, Google Reader etc.

NOTE: A feed that has not been encountered by our system ever before should be summarized in a couple of minutes.

Feed Summarizer

On the whole with Dygest, reading blogs has now become much faster, much more concise and consuming information has become a great deal easier. Imagine the time saved reading the summarized version as compared to the original post (also you are not overwhelmed with useless information). See for yourself below:

Original Post

Original Post

Summarized Post

Summarized Post

While you might have the urge to head over to Dygest and summarize your entire subscription list on Google Reader, I would recommend reading this post a bit further for some real cool stuff we have in store. If you must though – click here to Dygest.

Summarizing Your Twitter Links

Readtwit is a really cool service launched recently, which extracts links from your twitter feed and packages them in a clean RSS format. The awesome combination of Readtwit along with Dygest yields a summarized twitter feed delivered to your favorite feed reader.

Steps to get a summarized twitter feed:

(1) Sign into Readtwit.
(2) Copy the link on the ‘Get me the feed’ button:

(3) Paste this link into the Dygest interface and subscribe to the summarized feed returned in your favorite feed reader.

More To Come

This is just an experimental release of Dygest and so do send in your feedback on the summaries and help us improve. In the coming months we are working on improving the algorithms and churning out other great applications of Dygest (there is something really cool in the works). So while we are busy teaching computers to read, Dygest your feeds – because reading less is reading more.

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  • peacock

    nice idea… and a nice cause.

  • peacock

    when is the next release due?

  • suby cherian

    Wow nice idea
    Lets hope it will work as ur wish