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| September 21st, 2011

Many a times I’ve stared at Explored Flickr Photos and tried grokking its artistic nuances. Due to lack of artistic sensibility, at times I fail to understand the techniques or properties that the photographer used or intended to capture. But the Flickr community is brimming with experts who often chime in about what they like/see in comments. My #nlproc hack (for the upcoming Yahoo! Winter Hackday) aims to solve this by summarizing this expert knowledge (wisdom of crowd) for a photograph.

What You Comment Is What You See (WYCIWYS) is a Flickr hack that harnesses the comments of photos to determine the attributes/properties of the photo that people are talking about. It also gives a sentiment score (+ve) for each attribute to help a user gauge what other users find most interesting about a photo. Following are some outputs for WSCIWYS (click to zoom):

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