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LifeLogger @ BarCamp Pune 3

| July 9th, 2007

A couple of things have kept me away from blogging in the last few weeks. One of them has been about organizing BarCamp Pune 3 and the other my latest ‘weekend project’ – LifeLogger. I presented the concept behind LifeLogger along with a small demo, yesterday at the Barcamp. I received some really good feedback along with a dozen questions about the project. The audience appreciated the idea and I hope I got them thinking about how powerful their data (however trivial) could be.

This time around we crossed the 250 registrations mark at the camp. There was a considerable improvement this time in overall planning and the level of the sessions. Thankfully, technical sessions dominated the event as compared to advertising sessions in the last camp. We are definitely getting better with each event.

This event couldn’t have been successful without the help from the sponsors: ThoughtWorks for the tshirts, Persistent for the venue and hospitality, Codewalla, Bookeazy and for their support.

Coming back to the LifeLogger, here are a few screenshots of what the application looks as of today:

Click to enlarge

The screenshot above displays the main interface for the LifeLogger UI. Along with the option to search/browse your data, it also provides a graphical representation of the system (i.e. number of searches, browse, blogs read etc for the user).

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The screenshot above displays the search results from the users data. The results are visually depicted in different colors, with each color representing one of the disparate sources (bookmarks/blog/browse URL/search) of the data.

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The screenshot above displays the date range browse feature. Various graphs help the user visualize his browsing/reading/search patterns along with the results.

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The screenshot above depicts the browse results for the given date range in the descending order of time.

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One of the cool features of LifeLogger is that when a user browses his data for the date range equivalent to a single day, LifeLogger looks back at the web history data for seven days prior and estimates which URL’s visited during that day are aberrant to the users daily browsing pattern. These results are then displayed separately as ‘Interesting picks of the day’ along with the browse results. These results summarize the key events day.

If you are still reading this post you can learn more about LifeLogger at its homepage. I would love to hear your feedback/suggestions.

BarCamp Pune Redux

| December 24th, 2006

Last week we hosted the second BarCamp Pune. We received an overwhelming response wherein geeks flew down from all over India to participate. In fact, this time BarCamp Pune succeeded in obliterating international boundaries. Rahul Thathoo, a CS student from Stanford, presented his session from thousands of miles away. His session dealt with a bottom up approach to online advertising via discussion forums.

Watch his presentations on YouTube: Video1 Video2

Busy organizing, I managed to slip into a few of the sessions :). I finally learnt how to build an eclipse plugin (had thought of doing that months back). There were some great presentations by folks from ThoughtWorks. They shared about their methodologies to agile project management. Their idea of organizing requirements in the form of storyboards really fascinated me. In fact, I now have my own storyboard at work. This certainly is a great way to keep the team updated with what you are working on and how you intend to accomplish it.

My Storyboard
My Storyboard

Angrez Singh, developer of FireWatir, showcased his latest work.

This time around we decided to do things a lil’ differently, hence we organized a dinner party after the event was done with. It was here that the we conceived the idea of organizing the ‘HackCamp‘ in the coming months. This event would cater to all the hackers, crackers and coders out there. No presentations. No sessions. Just pure code/mods/hacks. I’ll post more about this as soon as we get things going.

Don’t forget to check out the videos and pics from the event.

BarCamp Pune II

All of us here at Pune are gearing up for another BarCamp to be held sometime around December. Just one of the events I look forward to participating in. As again, I’m helping out in organizing it and can assure you that this time it’ll be even better. We are planning a two day event as opposed to the last camp. We need to garner as many speakers as we can, so spread the word, attend, speak and don’t just come for the t-shirts :-)

I’m thinking of showcasing some of the machine learning work I have been doing since the past few months.

Did you like the logo? All thanks to the good ol’ Gimp.

Planning on attending too? Put yourself on the wiki.

Geek Speak

| June 18th, 2006

If you eat, drink and speak geek you should have been here at Barcamp Pune on the 17th.

I didn’t have a chance to blog live at Barcamp Pune as I was busy organizing it and also trying to hack a firefox extension along with Shodhan. It proved to be quite an experience where I met some innovative individuals. We got a wonderful response for the extension (Recoja) we presented and also some useful feedback on how we could improvise it.

I particularly enjoyed two sessions:

  1. Ontology Based Search by Mukul: He explained how concepts could be extracted from documents hence aiding search engines in serving up relevant results.
  2. Naive Bayesian Text Classification by Atul: A wonderful session on the probablistic text classification. Unfortunately he could not go into much mathematical details due to lack of time.

If you couldn’t make it this time be sure to register yourself for the next one.