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Ok. I haven’t posted all week but i’m back with this awesome post. I always wondered about how bloggers used to post their daily links to their blogs. has this daily blog posting thingy but somehow it doesn’t support Blogger. After a lot of googling and reading various blogs I stumbled upon this amazing post (somehow i’ve lost the link to it )-: ) which described a remarkable mechanism to setup the posting to Blogger. It goes as follows:-

1. Create a new empty blog in blogger (not the one you wanna post to).
2. Setup an account in FeedBurner with the feed url of the newly created above blog.
3. Optimise the Link Splicer setting in FeedBurner to insert the daily links to this feed.
4. Subscribe to this FeedBurner feed via Rmail such that any new posts in this feed wil automatically get mailed to the provided email address. Note: This mail address should be the one setup in Blogger for posting to the your original blog (the one where you want your daily links to get posted).

Its as simple as that.