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What happens when you cross Tagging with Machine Learning? Well you get a tool that learns as you tag. Sounds interesting? Then read on.

Learns? But what.

Thats what I asked myself yesterday. What I visualised was a tool that learns how to tag and what to tag from you. It would learn from past experiences, what you would like to tag and also what keywords (tags) you would likely use for them. And finally one day, when it has a large enough knowledge base, it could probably automate the entire task for you.


Imagine having a your own personal crawler, spidering the web in search of pages that might interest you and even saving the most likely ones. Imagine coming to office and seeing your toRead list already populated by the bot.

Sounds too optimistic? Well I’ll give it a try. Until then you’ll have to do what humans do best – tagging – on your own.

Robin Burgener, the inventor of 20q started working on 20Q in 1988, with the game running on a 5/14 inch floppy disk. Now 20q is online and over 10,000 games are played each day – increasing the sophistication of the 20q network on a daily basis.The artificial intelligence behind the game is a neural-network, similar to a human brain.

A brain, or neural-network, is built from neurons connected by synaptic connections. A human brain has about one hundred trillion synaptic connections. The currently has about ten million. The game uses the neural-network to choose the next question as well as deciding what to guess.

Try it out yourself and you’ll be amazed. Play it here.