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Powerset recently put up this contest on their blog. Here is my *interesting* Factz find:

Q. What did Steve Ballmer do? [Try it on Powerset – you will need to expand using “more”]

Powerset Find Factz - What did steve ballmer do?

UPDATE: Thanks for the mention on your blog, Powerset

Feed Yourself Me

| March 10th, 2008

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Happy Birthday DARPA!

| February 8th, 2008

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) celebrated its 50th anniversary today. Who knew 50 years ago that contributions by this defense research agency would evolve into the present Internet. Hadn’t it been for their research you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post today. Most of us know of DARPA because of the ARPANET or the DARPA Urban Challenge (ai geeks mostly). Its time we knew why and under what circumstances DARPA was created.

Read the original DOD DARPA directive

President Eisenhower established the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) 50 years ago in response to the Soviet Union’s Sputnik launch, which surprised and embarrassed the United States as the Soviets became the first nation to successfully launch a satellite into space. DARPA’s 1958 charter charged the Agency to perform certain advanced research and development projects, with the primary mission of ensuring that the United States would never again be surprised by another nation’s technological advancement. The list of DARPA’s contributions includes the Saturn V rocket, the ARPANET (which laid foundations for the Internet).

On this very day 50 years ago, Feburary 7th 1958, the following short and concise document started it all: the original DOD directive.

Logging My Life

| April 21st, 2007

Gordon Bell has been recording every bit of his life for the past seven years. His custom-designed software, “MyLifeBits” saves everything it can, from every email he sends and receives, every document he types, every chat session he engages in, every Web page he surfs. The advantages of such a software are obvious: total recall. It gives one the ability to search ones life for any reference of a person/thing.

Inspired by it I have decided to start logging my life as well. As of now its restricted to only my online life as I do not have resources like the SenseCam. The data collected in this process could be used in numerous ways: total recall, recommendations, predictions, and so on. As Peter Norvig says, “Its about the data and not the algorithm”.

Head over to the Life Logger project page, where I am documenting how I have been logging my life along with tools and algorithms for aggregating and analyzing such data.

Happy logging :-)

Click here for the Life Logger Project homepage