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MPlayer allows you to apply the equalizer filter which represents a 10 octave band graphic equalizer. The filter has 10 parameters:


which are floating point numbers between -12 and +12 representing the gain in dB for the respective frequency band.

Equalizer settings for Rock would be applied as follows:

$> mplayer -af equalizer=-1:1:2:3:-1:-1:0:0:4:4 song.mp3


Since MPlayer seems to be panacea for handling the numerous media formats, enabling MPlayer to work with the browser to handle embedded media seems to be the next step. To enable MPlayer play digital media from websites all you need is the mplayerplug-in.

Happy Streamin…

Open Day: Open Solaris

| September 1st, 2005

OpenSolaris is now live. A great day for open source.

Open Solaris

Reusability is one of the key features expected out of good programming. We programmers often tend to use code available freely inorder to reduce our workload. Source code reading is also informative in terms of developing good coding skills and also tends to sharpen our language skills. But its often difficult infact almost impossible to find good readable code over the net. Although you can download open source projects and go through its code but usually its difficult to make out head or tails of such large projects.

So one day I set out on the internet to search out an alternative. My search led me to a source code search engine. Here you can search specific functions/algorithms implemented in various languages. You have an option to search language specific code. If you plan to reuse the code in your project you can also get license information so that you can safely abide by its license policy. License Information can also be used as a parameter for the search. This is how it may help: For example suppose you have to implement something as trivial as Quick Sort in say Java. Although its a ‘piece of cake’ kinda code but implementing it does take some time. And time is money my friend :-). Moreover why redo something that someone has already done and is kind enough to let others reuse it.

So let us all support open source by contributing to it and utilising it to the fullest. By the way also has a feature that allows you to submit your open source project incase you make up your mind to better your Karma and follow the path of Enlightenment suggested by me above.