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Digital Immortality

| February 19th, 2008

Gordon Bell explains MyLifeBits in this article. A good read for those who still don’t know about the MyLifeBits project.

Gordon Bell and the Sense Cam

MyLifeBits is a memory surrogate. It’s digital immortality. It’s a database or transaction processing system to capture everything in your life, every keystroke, every mouse click. Basically I’m capturing all the minutiae of life.

Now that you know about MyLifeBits, you may also want to explore LifeLogger, my MyLifeBits inspired project.

[Update] You might also be interested in Momenta.

LifeLogger: Now At Koders

| July 13th, 2007

I received an email from Koders, a few hours back, saying that LifeLogger had finally been approved and added to their index. This is a great step for LifeLogger as it joins other numerous open source projects on Koders. This way the project would gain more visibility and contribute to code reusability as well.

I still need to make a dozen check-ins from the code changes/feature implementations I made for the BarCamp last week. So you’ll still find old code at Koders and the svn. I’ll try to clear up the pending check-ins by next week.

I found some cool stats on the Koders page:

Development Cost:
Lines of code: 1,543
Person months (PM): 1.54
Functions required: 100%
Effort per KLOC: 1.00 PM
Labor Cost/Month: $5000

>> Click here to head over LifeLogger at Koders < <

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