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Whats The Buzz Of The Shoposphere?

| December 11th, 2006

That certainly was a tough question to answer, but not anymore. Whatsbuzzing, which released a few days back (reminds me of the sleepless nights :-)), helps you do just that. The brainchild of Anand Jagannathan, Whatsbuzzing is aimed at solving the online shopping woes of users. As described in Anand’s blog:

Whatsbuzzing is a destination site for online shopping. The site offers a one-stop service where consumers can browse across hundreds of storefronts, view the latest trends and find the hottest deals. In contrast to comparison shopping or product information sites, Whatsbuzzing provides visitors with the experience of a shopping mall. Visitors can browse storefronts by content, category or store name. A visitor can also tag storefronts so other consumers can find storefronts that are interesting. The storefronts are fully interactive and are constantly being updated with fresh content and timely offers.

As stated above, what makes it different from the plethora of shopping services is the unique content. Instead of just showcasing product details and prices, it also helps you keep track of the latest deals/discounts/offers – capturing the buzz in its true essence.

Another factor that makes it stand apart is its foray into being a browsing engine as compared to the omnipotent search engines. Although search is an integral part of Whatsbuzzing, it is just another feature to help assist the users to find products quickly.

It is surely the panacea to all my shopping woes. With the season of Christmas setting in why don’t you give it a try and come back with some feedback.